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Drawing of one of the alleys in Aveiro

This drawing of one of the alleys in Aveiro was from my first time there, as I told you in the post in which I ended up drawing the market square. So, walking around the historic center and getting lost in the little streets, I found this door that has a big empty space inside.

Many houses here in Portugal are like this, just facades that were once well cared for, that housed a family and stories, and now only protect the undergrowth that grows inside. Many of them reveal nothing inside, neither walls nor traces of a roof that was once a shelter for someone. Now they await their final fate in the hands of some developer who will turn them into Local Accommodation.

Details of Aveiro’s watercolor, highlighting the octopus trying to cling to the reality of the wall.

On the old wall, the highlight is the tentacles of an octopus, clinging to the wall that will soon cease to exist. In addition to the photos taken by tourists who pass by, I leave you my watercolor illustration, not painted on site, but sketched with pens and then stained at home.

Between one street and another, a drawing of one of the alleys in Aveiro, but a watercolor illustration of a forgotten place in Portugal.

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